Rental Stores Have Everything Needed to Make Cotton Candy

    When renting a cotton candy machine, make sure to rent or buy all of the supplies you will need to make cotton candy successfully.

    To ensure that you secure an adequate amount of supplies, tell your ARA-affiliated rental store professional how many servings of cotton candy you will need to make. Some of the items to consider obtaining include:

    • Cotton candy machine. Although all rented cotton candy machines perform the same basic function, various units may offer different features. Cotton candy machines having handles that lock the machine’s head in place for transportation when in the up position and free the machine for use when in the down position, help aid in their setup. Some other desirable features in a rented cotton candy machine include variable heating, easy-to-use controls and easy dis-assembly for cleaning. One type of cotton candy machine allows you to create cotton candy of two different colors at the same time. You also may choose between units with plastic or metal bowls.
    • Cotton candy stand, cart or cabinet. When you rent a cotton candy machine, you will need a place to put it. Any stable table or counter will do. However, by renting a stand, cart or cabinet specially designed for the cotton candy machine, you not only have a place for the cotton candy machine, but it also advertises the cotton candy you will make. These stands, carts and cabinets usually have the words, “Cotton Candy,” decoratively written on them. They also often have wheels for mobility and shelving areas for storing extra supplies.
    • Cotton candy signs. For those who do not want to rent a stand, cart or cabinet made to hold a cotton candy machine, a “Cotton Candy” lighted sign may serve as a nice alternative for advertising your product. Check on availability of these signs at the rental store where you rent your cotton candy machine.
    • Cotton candy cones. Paper cones allow you to gather the cotton candy you make into small amounts for individual sales. Some rental stores include these cones in the cotton candy machine rental.
    • Cotton candy cone holders. Since pointed cotton candy cones do not stand up too well on their own, renting a cone holder will give you a place to put the cones of cotton candy as you make them.
    • Cotton candy plastic bags. Many rental stores carry either clear or printed plastic bags that you can use for storing the cotton candy until someone purchases it. Pinning bags of cotton candy around a booth, not only keeps the treats clean, but also helps to attract buyers. In addition, if you make the cotton candy for a birthday party, these plastic bags provide a convenient way for your guests to take the cotton candy home.
    • Cotton candy floss. The sugar used to make cotton candy, called floss, comes in a variety of flavors, such as blue raspberry, bubblegum, cherry, strawberry, vanilla or grape. The flavor of cotton candy that you choose to make also determines its color. Common colors of cotton candy include pink, blue, white and purple. Many rental stores include floss as part of the cotton candy machine rental.
    • Replacement bowls. Renting an extra bowl or two can help keep production going during periodic cleanups. It also helps you change the color of the cotton candy easily.
    • Plastic bubble. Not only does a plastic bubble help to keep the cotton candy free of dirt and insects during its creation, it helps prevent sugar from spilling out of the rented cotton candy machine.

    Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your cotton candy making needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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