Trailer Accessories For Rent

    Need to haul a trailer? Rent tow bars, hitches and dollies.

    Renting a tow dolly can be an easy and economical way to transport your vehicle. A rented car dolly is designed to keep the front wheels off the ground, and its low height and longer ramp are ideal for accommodating vehicles with low clearance. There are different makes and models that rental stores offer, so be sure to consult with them about your towing needs.
    Before you make the decision to rent a tow dolly, here are a few things to consider for easier transporting:

    • Your vehicle must have lockable steering. Check your owner’s manual to make sure your vehicle has this feature.
    • A rented tow dolly cannot be used to tow mid- or rear-engine vehicles.
    • Be sure that the tow dolly is attached to your towing vehicle before loading.
    • Vehicles should be centered on the rented tow dolly and forward facing.
    • Do not leave people, pets or possessions in a vehicle being pulled by a rented tow dolly.
    • Be sure that the vehicle is stable by tightening tire straps before moving your tow dolly.

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