Wedding and reception rentals are more popular than ever as couples realize it's better and smarter to live their dream rather than to buy it.

For the latest trends without the extra cost, renting has never been more in vogue.

From choosing your china and linens to finding the latest decor and color options, remain stress-free with help from your local wedding rental professionals. They will help you plan all of the intricate details for your big day.

Brides today are thinking outside the box. Here are some top trends of 2013 to consider:
  • Color: Top trends of 2013 are bright and bold. From ruby reds, rich blues, vivid violets and sunshine yellows, splashes of color liven up your decor and create a memorable atmosphere.
  • Go virtual: It’s unlikely that every guest you invite will be able to attend, so now technology is bringing people closer together no matter where they reside. Share the special day with having your guests attend virtually.
  • Bouquets: Adorn your blooms with gems or feathers for a stunning accent as you walk down the aisle. Or, skip flowers altogether and be creative with vintage broaches from friends and family or a sparkling jewelry bouquet with supplies from your local craft store.

Whatever trends you decide to incorporate into your big day, renting your dream wedding supplies rather than buying is a wise decision. You’ll get the latest trends at an affordable price.

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