Whether you’re doing a simple project or a major remodel, renting tools lets you spend time money on the project, not the tools.

DIY With a Good ROI

Year after year, no matter the state of the housing market, kitchen remodeling remains a good idea for increasing value in your home. Almost every buyer will be attracted to a kitchen that is updated and move-in ready. Even if you’re planning on staying in your home for a while, few things can reinvigorate your home like a brand new kitchen.

If you’ve put off dreams of a new kitchen because you think it’s unaffordable, reconsider the changes you can make by doing projects yourself. When you have the right tools on hand, kitchen remodeling projects are much easier than you might think. Save money and go to your local rental store where you can rent all the tools you need to remodel and revive your kitchen.

Here are some essential parts of the project and the tools you’ll need to get going:
  • Floors: There are lots of options for flooring, but the type of saw you’ll need to rent will depend on what material you choose. For tile, you’ll need a wet saw, but a cut-off saw for wood and laminate. A table saw can also be helpful for wood flooring. 
  • Cabinets: Homeowners now have great options for easy-to-install cabinetry that don’t require a team of professionals. Have the right drill, drill bits, nails, screws, anchors, levels and supports on hand before you get started so you can work without interruption.
  • Countertops: Again, the tools you need will vary, depending on what material you’re using. If you need to cut a material like laminate to size, a jigsaw will be a convenient tool. Sanders and drills are two more items you’ll want to rent and have nearby.
A beautiful kitchen will quickly become a focal point in your home, both for your family and for potential buyers. By taking the project into your own hands, you can save a significant amount of money, giving you even better return on your investment. 

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Removing Shrubs the Easy Way

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Rent an Aerator for a Healthier Lawn

Heavy-traffic and clay-like areas of the lawn make it prone to soil compaction. The process of aerating involves removing plugs of soil to allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate previously compacted soil or thatch-covered areas and reach the roots of the grass. (read more)

Aerator Rental Options

You can take the first step toward a healthier lawn with less soil compaction by renting an aerator. Rental stores carry various types of aerators to meet all budgets and needs. Check out the following types of aerators to see if any of them meet your needs. (read more)

Aerator Rental Considerations

If you think that all rental aerators are alike, this list might convince you otherwise. Review the various features possible on rental aerators to determine which ones you require. Your local ARA-affiliated rental store professional also can help you find an appropriate aerator. (read more)

Rent a Chipper to Clean Up Tree Debris

Homeowners, tree specialists and other contractors use towable, rental brush chippers to reduce fallen trees, branches, leaves, shrubs and other vegetation. A brush chipper uses blades or cutting disks to cut up the material placed in its hopper before discharging it through a chute.  (read more)

Comparing Rental Chipper Features

The variety of towable brush chippers available at your local, ARA-affiliated rental store might make it difficult for you to decide which one to rent. The following descriptions will help clarify some of the differences between brush chippers.  (read more)

Rental Chipper Safety and Use Tips

Before you leave your local, ARA-affiliated rental store, make sure you know how to handle the rented brush chipper safely. Here are some additional tips. (read more)

A Rented Dethatcher Cleans Up Your Lawn

Thatch is a layer of dead stems, roots and clippings between the soil’s surface and the green vegetation, which keeps the lawn from receiving vital nutrients. If a layer of 1/2 inch or more of thatch builds on your lawn, water and air cannot reach the grass’ roots. This causes your lawn to look yellow and lifeless. (read more)

Dethatchers: The Rental Solution for Thatch

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Usage Tips for a Rented Dethatcher

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Installing a Retaining Wall

If you want to level a steep slope or enclose an area or provide an element to your landscaping, consider installing a retaining wall. (read more)

The Many Benefits of Renting an Air Compressor

Homeowners, professional contractors and business owners use air tools to tackle a number of different projects from removing a sidewalk to framing a house. These air tools require a reliable supply of compressed air. Renting an air compressor will provide it. (read more)

Renting an Air Compressor That Meets Your Needs

You can rent air compressors of different sizes, output capabilities and mobility configurations. When you go to rent an air compressor, you need to choose one that will match your tool requirements and your project needs.  (read more)

Renting an Air Compressor That Meets Your Needs

You can rent air compressors of different sizes, output capabilities and mobility configurations. When you go to rent an air compressor, you need to choose one that will match your tool requirements and your project needs. (read more)

Hints for Using a Rented Air Compressor

Before you use your rented air compressor, take a moment to review these tips for using it properly and safely. (read more)

Rent a Power Auger for Easy Digging

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Rent the Auger That Fits Your Project

To meet every need and budget, rental stores offer a variety of options for digging holes. They rent everything from manual post hole diggers for small backyard projects to the auger attachments for skid steer loaders needed to complete big, construction jobs (read more)

Tips for Using a Rented Auger

Using a rented, power post hole auger takes some strength and instruction. Review the following tips for your information and safety before using the auger.  (read more)

Cutting Edge Reasons to Rent a Chain Saw

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A Variety of Chain Saw Rentals

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Which Chain Saw Should You Rent?

You must consider many factors when deciding which chain saw to rent for your purposes. The following list provides some of the things that you should keep in mind (read more)

Know How to Use a Rented Chain Saw

The possibility of severe or fatal injury while using a rented chain saw makes it extremely important to use the equipment properly and safely. The following safety and usage tips should help you. (read more)

A Rented Pressure Washer Takes the Pressure Off You

Many homeowners feel under pressure to keep the exterior surfaces of their homes clean. Likewise, contractors need to clean their worksites and equipment after completing messy jobs. Renting a pressure washer makes that work more manageable. (read more)

Pressure Washer Rental Options

Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store has a variety of pressure washers and accessories that will help you successfully complete your next cleaning project. The following describes some of the available rental options related to pressure washers. (read more)

Deciding Which Pressure Washer to Rent

What will you clean? Where will you clean? How long will you clean? The answers to these questions will help you decide which pressure washer to rent. (read more)

Using a Rented Pressure Washer Safely

Before using a pressure washer, you should become familiar with how it operates. The following tips should help you use your rented pressure washer safely and effectively. (read more)

A Rental That Grinds Tree Stumps Away

A tree cut down either intentionally or by an act of God leaves an unsightly stump in the ground. Stump grinders, also known as stump cutters, can remove the final evidence that the tree ever existed.  (read more)

Stump Grinders for Rent

Rental stump grinders come in different styles and sizes. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional can help you find the one that best meets your needs. (read more)

Safety and Operating Tips for Rented Stump Grinders

Equipment that cuts aggressively, such as a stump grinder, requires extra caution. Please review the safety and usage tips below. (read more)

Renting a Paint Sprayer Makes Sense

Anyone, from a do-it-yourself homeowner to a painting contractor, who needs to paint something, should consider renting a paint sprayer. Look at why renting a paint sprayer makes sense. (read more)

Paint Sprayer Rental Options

Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store has a variety of paint sprayers and related items that you can rent for your painting project. (read more)

Rent the Right Paint Sprayer

The correct paint sprayer to rent depends largely on what surface you will coat, what coating you will use and where you will operate the paint sprayer. Consider the following possible features on a paint sprayer when making your rental decision. (read more)

Tips on Using a Rented Paint Sprayer

You will achieve quality results with your rented paint sprayer if you take note of these tips. Your ARA-affiliated rental profession also can give you complete written instructions and a demonstration on how to use your rental paint sprayer safely. (read more)

Clean Carpet is a Rental Away

When the time comes to deep clean carpets, many people decide to rent equipment. (read more)

Rental Products for a Cleaner Carpet

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A Basic Carpet-Care Program

A basic carpet-care program keeps your carpet looking great, extends the life of the carpet and results in a cleaner, healthier environment. This program should include preventative maintenance, interim cleaning and restorative cleaning as described below. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental professional can answer any additional questions you may have on carpet cleaning. (read more)

Carpet Spot and Spill Removal Tips

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Renting Floor Sanders Make Beautiful Wood Floors Possible

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Floor Sander Rental Options

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Factors to Consider When Renting Floor Sanders

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Choosing Sandpaper for Your Floor Sander Rental

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How to Refinish a Wood Floor Using Rented Sanders

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Tips for Sanding by Hand

To get the best results when sanding by hand, use a sanding block. You can make your own by cutting a 4½- inch square out of 3/4-inch softwood. Alternatively, you can buy a commercially made block at your hardware store. (read more)

Rental Can Keep Your Drains Clean

Over time, drains develop clogs. Possible causes of a clogged drain include: (read more)

Rental Equipment for Cleaning Drains and Sewers

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Factors to Consider When Renting Drain and Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Rental drain and sewer cleaning equipment offers different features. Becoming familiar with available options will help you rent the equipment that best suits your needs. (read more)

How to Use Rental Equipment to Clean Drains

You may want to rent drain and sewer cleaning equipment, such as a snake or auger, for drain clogs too big for or unresponsive to plunging. Following these instructions will help you use this equipment to clean clogs in drains. (read more)

Make Spring Cleaning Easier: Rent Tools

As the temperatures rise and we begin to emerge from winter hibernation, many of us feel the urge to open up our homes and begin cleaning away the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the long winter months.  (read more)

Hints for the Handy

A home improvement project can be exciting, but also a bit intimidating. But there’s good news. You might make your next project easier with these tips: (read more)

Rental: The Cure for the Equipment Challenged Do-It-Yourselfer

Does watching the latest television show on home improvement make you feel like an armchair do-it-yourselfer because you cannot afford to buy the tools used by the show’s host? (read more)

Winterizing Your Home? Save Even More by Renting Tools

As the weather cools, homeowners see fall as the year’s last chance to do home maintenance to lower heating bills. Of course, you will not save money if you spend more on home improvement than you will save in reduced energy costs. (read more)

Tow Dolly Rental

Renting a tow dolly can be an easy and economical way to transport your vehicle.  (read more)

Metal Detector Rental

Metal detecting can be a great hobby for those who enjoy being outdoors and like getting some exercise. But what if you don’t have a metal detector? Simple – you can rent one! (read more)

How to Defend Your Home Against Winter Allergens

The Centers for Disease Control reports roughly 50 million Americans suffer from indoor or outdoor allergies. People may experience allergies throughout the year, but symptoms can worsen when the weather changes and temperatures drop. As we begin to spend more time indoors, it’s important to be proactive in preventing indoor allergens from taking over your home. (read more)

Proper Fireplace Care Ensures Warm and Safe Heating

As the temperatures drop, there’s nothing like coming home and warming up in front of a toasty fire. Indeed, more than one-third of Americans use fireplaces, wood stoves and other fuel-fired appliances as primary heat sources in their homes, according to the United States Fire Administration. However, heating is the leading cause of winter fires. Each year, more than a half million winter fires cause $3 billion in property loss, 1,900 deaths and nearly 8,000 injuries. (read more)

Proper Fireplace Care Ensures Warm and Safe Heating

As the temperatures drop, there's nothing like coming home and warming up in front of a toasty fire. Indeed, more than one-third of Americans use fireplaces, wood stoves and other fuel-fired appliances as primary heat sources in their homes, according to the United States Fire Administration. However, heating is the leading cause of winter fires. Each year, more than a half million winter fires cause $3 billion in property loss, 1,900 deaths and nearly 8,000 injuries. (read more)

Accessorize Your Rented Air Compressor

Renting accessories to go with your air compressor rental can ensure that you have all that you need for a successful application.  (read more)

Car Top Carriers Rentals

Car top carrier bags offer the convenience of easy installation and large capacity, but the most convenient thing is that you can rent a carrier instead of buying one (read more)

Survey Equipment Rental

Do you know where your backyard ends and your neighbor's yard begins? Have you ever wondered how maps are created? These are questions for a surveyor. Surveyors measure and draw what the earth's surface looks like. (read more)

The Advantages of Renting Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools, also known as air tools, receive power from compressed air provided by an air compressor. You can rent pneumatic tools to complete projects pertaining to construction, concrete demolition, remodeling, woodworking, automotive work, cleanup and more. (read more)

Examples of Pneumatic Tool Rentals

You can rent pneumatic tools to accomplish a variety of tasks quickly and easily. The list below gives you an idea of some of the pneumatic tools available for rent from your local ARA-affiliated rental store (read more)