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Metal Detector Rental
Metal detecting can be a great hobby for those who enjoy being outdoors and like getting some exercise. But what if you don’t have a metal detector? Simple – you can rent one!
With so many models and features available, renting is a common option for those who may not be familiar with what their needs are. Knowing just a few things before heading to the rental store will make your decision to rent even easier. Detectors tend to be specific to the type of metals you’re searching for, so make sure your rented model suits your needs. You’ll also want to know the type of terrain you’ll be navigating, because different conditions call for different types of metal detectors. Generally, the rental store in your area will have the right equipment for your exploration.
Some metal detectors can cost more than $400, which may be cost prohibitive if detecting isn’t something you plan to do frequently. In addition, metal detectors are a specialty item and may not be carried by a local retailer, so the cost of purchasing vs. renting becomes even more apparent when you add in shipping charges. Plus, with renting, you’ll be able to use all of the treasures you find to buy something for yourself rather than spend it on storage and maintenance of your metal detector.

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