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How to Clean Your Carpet Using Rented Cleaning Equipment
You can clean your carpet yourself using rented carpet cleaning equipment and achieve professional results by following these easy steps.
Safety Tips:
  • Read all warnings and instructions for using the carpet cleaning equipment before beginning to clean carpets.
  • Read all warnings and instructions on cleaning solution packaging. Wear protective gear, such as gloves, when indicated.
  • Connect carpet cleaning equipment to a grounded outlet.
  • When transporting carpet cleaning equipment, protect it from harsh weather conditions, such as snow, rain or freezing temperatures.
  1. Obtain the carpet cleaning equipment and supplies you need from your local ARA-affiliated rental store.
  2. Remove as much furniture as possible from the carpet you plan to clean.
  3. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove any loose dirt.
  4. Pre-treat any spots or stains on carpet.
    NOTE - Do not use dirty water from the recovery tank in the clean water tank because debris in it can damage the pump.
  5. Fill the rented carpet cleaning equipment’s tank with clean, hot tap water and solution.
  6. Test rented carpet cleaning equipment on a piece of carpeting left over from installation or on an inconspicuous area of the carpet.
  7. Use carpet cleaning equipment according to provided instructions, concentrating on heavy-traffic areas, such as entryways. If necessary, perform a repeat cleaning.
  8. After completing the wash-water and rinse-water cycles, slowly go over the carpet again using only the vacuuming or extracting mechanism of the carpet cleaning equipment.
  9. Empty dirty water from the recovery tank.
  10. Dry carpet completely before returning furniture or walking on it. It usually takes about six to eight hours for carpet to dry, depending on the climate and the type of carpet cleaning equipment used. In dry climates, opening windows can speed carpet drying. If necessary, rent an airflow machine or dehumidifier to speed carpet drying.
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