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Choosing Sandpaper for Your Floor Sander Rental
When refinishing an old hardwood floor or finishing a new hardwood floor, you should use sandpaper grits in a particular sequence to achieve the best results. This sequence starts with the coarsest grit and moves to the finest grit. Keep in mind that the coarser the sandpaper grit, the lower its grit number will be. For instance, 20-grit sandpaper is much coarser than 100-grit sandpaper. You should begin the sanding sequence using sandpaper no coarser than necessary to get the job done. The table below provides a guideline for selecting the proper grit of sandpaper to use. 
Guide to Sandpaper Grits and Their Uses
Grit No.
Very Coarse
Use for rough sanding to remove paint and old finishes from old hardwood floors or to level the floorboards on new hardwood floors. Do not use this sandpaper grit on soft pine.
Use for initial sanding of level new floors or as a second sanding to remove old paint, finish and scratches left after using 20-grit sandpaper.
Use for finish sanding to prepare wood floor for staining or clear finishing.
80 or 100
Use for finish sanding before putting on a high-gloss finish.
Extra Fine
Use for light sanding between finish coats or to remove fine scratches from hardwood floor.
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